Avoid Dating These People

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So, in the world of dating, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to encounter some questionable characters. Some that for the reason of your own kindness or loneliness or a combination of both, you give the benefit of a doubt towards, only, to be screwed over.

I have decided to help you avoid that.

Here are some questionable characters you should not date.

Let’s start with saying, stay away from the desperate type. This is the they don’t care how soon it is, they just want to be in a relationship or be married type. They are in love with the notion of being in love and usually rushes to be labeled in a committed relationship instead taking needed time to learn about their partner. This type of person can be clingy, can be annoying and can be delusional. They tend to say things that didn’t happen and exaggerate things that did. They assume they know what you like without really knowing you. They have formulated this image in their head and merges it with reality.

Anyone unwilling to take their time is up to no good or doesn’t realize they are no good for you. Keep it moving.

Stay away from people who are separated or married. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this brings backlash and I am ready for it. Here is the reality, if you are done with your marriage, divorce them. Any reason to keep possibilities open for them to return to their marriage is not safe for your emotional investment. You need to be happy too and not feel sorry for the separated sob story.

Now, I know there are instances where people have dated separated individuals and it turned out fine, but there are far more instances where it did not and I am perfectly fine with offering my 2 cents on the majority. Dating a married person is just common sense and I should not have to explain why you shouldn’t. Someone separated from their marriage is not completely closed from it. Divorce is often the closing of that chapter and separation is a temporary fix to a bigger issue. In order for you to engage in dating with someone, they should have their last relationship closed down and moved on from.

You should not date anyone that is not completely and totally single because you take the risk of hurting someone who did nothing to you and you are emotionally investing in hurting yourself.

All new situations should start with a clean slate and should not have carried over drama from the last relationship or on that is pending. If this person really wants to date you, they will end their separation with a definitive divorce, if not, it is because they are leaving their options open or at least hoping their husband/wife is leaving the option open.

Here’s a real hard fact. No one is actually single until they are actually single. Don’t let that go over your head and take it to the bank.

If you are looking to re-enter the dating world, especially if you took time off due to ending a relationship that wasn’t healthy for you, you really need to stay away from this type of person.

Stay away from the “just kidding” type. Who is the “just kidding” type? This is the type of person to undercut you and try to mask it as a joke. They test you to see your response and wait until you deliver said response and then says, “just kidding”.

The reality is, they were not kidding but seeing how far something can go. Almost in a manner that conditions you to accept things as they want little by little.

This person says things that sting, they may not be super hurtful, but they sting and cause discomfort. They know this and when you say something, they tell you that they were joking. Then they tell you that you are too sensitive, totally disregarding how things make you feel and just brushing it off as a joke.

People always say that they had a feeling, or their gut instinct or something in that realm. If you think that this person’s “just kidding” had some slight malice to it, then you need to cancel this person before you allow emotional investment to make some bad decisions. This type of person can make you feel very confident and attractive and then snatch it right from under you then attribute it to “just kidding”.

The sad thing is, most decent people fall for this type of person. Especially if the person is dealing with some form of self-doubt. Being that the “just kidding” type is confident, certain and upfront, they have an attractive demeanor to them that can overshadow the trash that the entire “just kidding” manner truly is.

The next one is mainly for the men, don’t worry ladies, I have one to help you specifically as well, but fellas, please under any and all circumstances, avoid the female that is always bashing men on social media and in person. The “all men” social media poster. She believes that all men are responsible for all the suffering in her world and the world in general. She also believes stupid things like men are incapable of doing things the right way, simply because you are a man. At some point, no matter what you do, she will see the negative component in it. You can never please her, no matter how hard you try or what you do, simply because she has man issues that were never resolved, and you are now the next person to feel her misery.

Avoid at all costs.

Ladies, this is for you, under any and all circumstances, stay away from the fuck boy.

The fuck boy is the inconsistent type. The misleader, the one who tries to play you and then saves himself right before you cut him off, only to repeat this again. He is a weak individual and is at his best lying. He is one that is charming and can pretend to care better than some can genuinely care. It’s all sexual and although there is nothing wrong with pure sexual relationships, the fuck boy will not man up and state that he only wants sex, he will lie every way he can to get it.

When is the fuck boy the most caring? When he is horny. He starts off responding to texts really fast, initiates cute conversation and complements you as much as he can without being annoying…… until he has sex with you. Then either he will sex you a couple more times before the inconsistency in his contact with you will kick in. he doesn’t respond as fast anymore. The compliments subside and slowly become nonexistent, well, until he is horny again and no one else but you are available.

The fuck boy is king of capitalizing of second, third and fourth chances. He knows that you are going to assist him in deceiving yourself. You have either convinced yourself or accepted his bullshit excuses because you don’t want to accept the reality of the situation.

Now, all fuck boys aside, if this is a pattern you have, where you tend to push through with your overly-wishful thinking in all your relationships, then maybe you need to work issues that are tad bit deeper. Usually those types are attachers, the types of people that want to secure attachment, so much in fact, that they will accept the fuck boys’ antics just to be attached to something.

Another type of person everyone should not date, are those types of people that are rude to people just because of the type of job they have. You know, the ones that talk down to waiters and doormen, the ones who are rude to grocers, customer service folks and delivery folks. They are arrogant and rude, and this is NOT a phase. This is who they are and at some point, this trickles into the relationship. There is something disgustingly pathetic in how a person treats others because they feel the person’s work is beneath them. Some signs of this are those people on social media that belittle folks who are working folks to try to make their little entrepreneurial journey stand tall. Trust me, it’s not just a social media post, this is who these arrogant folks are off the computer as well.

And finally, stay away from folks who lack empathy.

People who lack empathy are some of the most selfish, miserable and arrogant folks out there. They refuse to ever see things from the perspective of others, and they refuse to try to understand someone else’s situation. They see human kindness as a weakness and will try to manipulate others into seeing that. Often this type of person can’t relate to other people’s struggles because they have never fallen on hard times, which adds to why they never take that into account in interacting with others, no matter where people are in their lives. They are irrational about other people’s perspectives and only theirs matters.

This type of person often jumps on social media posts to argue with total strangers about their perspectives and how the person they have never met and know nothing about is completely wrong. Usually a political party loyalist that doesn’t have the intellectual capacity nor the humane kindness within to see things other than what they think they know.

This person is one of the worst because they are not, will not and refuses to think it would be an improvement to ever change and see things another person’s way.

Stay away in total.

Now I could go on and on about other types of people like gold diggers, abusers and so forth, but I wanted to cover some of the ones most websites are not covering.