Avoid Dating These People

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So, in the world of dating, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to encounter some questionable characters. Some that for the reason of your own kindness or loneliness or a combination of both, you give the benefit of a doubt towards, only, to be screwed over. I have decided to help Read More

Online Dating, What Now?

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Since online dating became the new norm, there has been a spike in reports in people being scammed, played, lied to and so many other unfortunate events. I want to utilize this time to talk a little about online dating, some tips and other important information you should be exposed to. As we know, finding Read More

Old Date/ New Date

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Many relationships and dating experiences never have a chance to flourish because of barricaded hearts and locked doors to the soul. What does this even mean? Have you ever been in a bad break-up and walked incredibly cautiously forward into the next situations and in your mind every sentence the other person expresses are being Read More